Sunday, 1 May 2011

How To Pass as Scene Girl if You're Dark Skinned?

Are you Black Girl and love Screamo, Rock and/or any alternative music but you don't really got the looks? Do you like to go to concerts where there's always bunch of insanely pale Scene Girls that look absolutely stunning? You can find your way around it and look super cute as Scene Girl with few of these handful tips:

  • Hair: If you want your hair to be as manageable as possible, you should invest in a 'kiddie' perm. The perm will straighten your hair.
  • Afterwards, take a rattail comb, (try not to use a brush unless you're most comfortable with that), and comb the front of your hair (from your crown) so it falls into your face or to the side, so it looks like a side bang (if you dont have one). Make sure you've got a good amount of hair (not too much so you don't have any hair in the back and not to little so when you go outside it flows everywhere in the wind). Now, put a clip in it to hold it (and make you look super kawaii [a.k.a cute]).
  • Another cute scene style that is acceptable around your friends/family is putting your hair into a low ponytail, and letting your bang [of course] and random chunks of hair fall down where your sideburns should be.
  • If you want front bangs do the same thing but instead of moving your hair to the side, just brush it down your face and find a length that you like and snip snip. Also add a hairclip or headband of your liking. Make sure your hair is dry when you cut it, or your bangs may end up really short!
  • Makeup: Simple. Just wear some eyeliner (preferably black), mascara (optional), and some foundation. You should do brighter and bolder eyeshadows - the best ones would be grey or neon colored. A sheer white, and things of that nature, would just look odd. Remember it all depends on your skin tone.
  • Clothes/Accessories: Skinny Jeans are a must. Also if you have any graphic tees [tee shirts with words or pictures on them] wear them!. Some major scene characters to wear on your shirt are Hello Kitty, Gloomy Bear, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and basically any wacky looking things. If you don't feel like wearing skinny jeans and you want to wear leggings, do not wear tutus. If you want to wear pantyhose, they must be designed and you have to wear an oversized tee. For shoes, wear converse, vans, or flats. Nike dunks are also becoming popular. Boots are becoming popular in scene style also. A long pearl necklace wrapped around two or three times if you feel for it. Bracelets and rings are also cute.
  • Start slowly with clothes and makeup. First off, you will be called a poser. Don't start too quickly because (especially) if you have parents from another country, they'll be all "WTF?" and start complaining about your new look. Remember: Start slow.

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  1. thnx but what xtreme color will match in my skin???im not sooo black what will look better neon blue,dark purple or turquise??:3