Thursday, 16 December 2010

This Butterfly is Lethal... new Scene T shirt by Living Dead Souls

Neon prints, lethal beauty and irresistible designs is what Living Dead Souls is most proud of. Once you're in their world, you want to reach for more and more... And you know next thing in your heands might be a teddy with bleeding heart and tee with neon ribcage splashed all over it, it's just too hard to resist!

LBC felt in love with Living Dead Souls only this year, after one of fashion shows in London, and we did everything to bring these amazing neon Scene Clothes to our shop. With most awesome selection of Kitty Ears Hoodies and (my favorite) Bunny Ears Hoodie, it's no wonder the Living Dead Souls family is growing every month! In December it was arrival of new fluffy cuddly and irresistible Hot Pink Bunny Ears Handbag and Neon Ribcage Ladies Scene T shirt.

Beauty can be lethal if combined with most amazing design and edgy message. Neon colours in this ribcage Tshirt are so totally Scene, with rainbow blue, red, green, purple and yellow, splashed all over black short sleeve Girls Tee. Irresistible, magnetic, pulling you with soft material, most flattering design and promising to bring fresh vibes to your look everyday!

This T shirt is what Little Black Cherry loves the most in Scene Clothing, everyday fashion with a deadly edge and magnetic cuteness. You can wear this Living Dead Souls Tee with Black Skinnies, plain Hoody and cute Scene Jewellery and Fingerless Gloves and it's perfect outfit all day long, lunch in a pub, college lessons, evening with friends... You'll always look just right, and stay true to your Scene roots! Perfect!

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