Thursday, 16 December 2010

How To Hook Jelly Bracelets?

Jelly (gummy) bracelets are very popular with Scene Kids, and can usually be purchased in a pack online. Some schools have devised secret coding for the colors of bracelets they wear. You can wear your jelly bracelets as is, or hook them together. Follow these steps to hook together your jelly bracelets.

  • Find two jelly bracelets to hook together. You can use the same or different colors.
  • Hold one bracelet in each hand, and place them on a table with the right one laying halfway over the top of the left one, so they look like a Venn diagram.
  • Use your left thumb to press down on the left side of the right bracelet. Use the bottom of the same thumb to simultaneously hold down the left side of the left bracelet.
  • Grasp the right side of the left jelly bracelet with your thumb and middle finger. Lift it about an inch through the middle of the right bracelet while still holding down your thumb on the left sides of the bacelet. Lightly hold down the right side of the right bracelet with the ring finger of your right hand.
  • Bring the bracelet you are holding with your thumb and middle finger to the left, and push it down on the table into the middle of the left openning, moving your left thumb out of the way. Hook the left side of the right jelly bracelet with the middle finger of your right hand, and pull it about an inch.
  • Pinch the left side of the left jelly bracelet between the thumb and index finger of your left hand. Pull it up while pushing your right thumb down and pulling your right middle finger up. Keep pressing down on the right bracelet with your right ring finger.
  • Replace your right thumb with your right middle finger. Grab the free end of bracelet with your left thumb. Push down with the back of your right middle finger. Pull up with your left thumb and index finger, pinching the two bracelets together.
  • Push your right hand through the new openning that you created with hooked jelly bracelets. It will be snug. You may have to push and stretch the bacelets to fit your hand through.

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