Friday, 21 May 2010

Scene Hair wouldn't be the same without beatifully created side swept bangs. It requires lot of practice to get desired shape of your bangs, here we've got few tips to help you create your perfect fringe:

  • First - how to cut your side swept bangs: part your hair to one side, and on the side with the most hair, pick out a front section. Cut it in a downsloping angle. You can do it yourself, but if you are nervous, get it done at a salon, and trim them yourself from then on.

  • Now styling: Avoid the hairdryer! The simplest way to add shape to your side bangs is to let hair air-dry. If you regularly air-dry, simply take extra few seconds after brushing and use a comb to define your part.

  • Comb all your bangs to desired side and arrange across your forehead. They will stay because your hair is wet. If your bangs are longer, you can add bobby-pin to hold them in place while you finish getting ready.

  • When your hair dries, just shake loose and spritz with a bit of hairspray.

  • Flip your head upside down to add volume if you must blow-dry. Spritz your hair with a heat protectant. Dry with one hand and use the other hand to pull your bangs to the desired side. You can also dry standing straight up, using a round brush to brush your bangs to the side as you dry.

  • Try these tricks: after your bangs are sufficiently dry, finger-style your bangs, then take a comb and spray with a light coating of hairspray. Use the comb to mold your bangs into place. Another option is to spray your fingers with the hairspray, then use them to sculpt your fringe. Top either off with an extra spritz head-on.


  1. Taaa, thats helpful!:)x

  2. I love my new fringe

  3. what do u call this hairstyle?